Seamless connectivity: Wireless freedom meets LUBE-Master stability with NEX·U·® integration.

Background - about LUBE-Master

LUBE-Master - the fluid monitoring system installed in 1000s of workshops around the world. LUBE-Master enables workshops to take control of their fluid management by tracking, registering and transferring all fluid withdrawals to the customer's business system for further billing to the end customer. All communication in LUBE-Master takes place via its own wired serial network.

Extend the existing LUBE-Master system

Thanks to the new NEX·U·® system, existing LUBE-Master installations can be expanded with mobile devices, giving mechanics more freedom to refill lubricants more easily in a variety of situations, while maintaining control over fluid consumption and ensuring the correct volume is invoiced to the customer.


LUBE-Master is a system based on fixed wired communication between its different modules. LUBE-Master is monitored by software running on a PC connected to the customer's network.

To connect the mobile unit, a NEX-U-® U-net Pro is connected to the same network. To perform the actual dispensing, a NEX-U-® U-link wireless digital hand meter is used.

The NEX-U-® U-link consists of a built-in volume meter, solenoid valve, display and keypad as well as systems to communicate wirelessly with the NEX-U-® U-net Pro.

How to dispense

When fluid is to be dispensed via the mobile unit, the mechanic uses the regular LUBE-Master system, enters their PIN code, work order number and volume. Within LUBE-Master, we have built a solution that in turn sends a request to
NEX-U-® to dispense fluid.

When the mechanic is ready to perform the actual dispensing, they wake up the U-link handle and simply confirm the work order number and volume and the dispensing starts.

When the specified volume is reached, U-link automatically switches off and the dispensed volume is reported back to LUBE-Master and then on to the workshop's business system and work order. The vehicle owner is then invoiced for exactly the volume filled, no more and no less.

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