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Here is a showcase of various installation scenarios for our products for safe and rational handling of oil, grease and other fluids.

Case 1 - the integrated solution

Description: Workplace with built-in fluid handling in the workshop furniture. Hose reel for liquids, compressed air and electricity. A LUBE Master fluid monitoring system is installed for the control and registration of fluid dispenses. Waste oil container for draining waste oil from vehicles.

Type of vehicles: Passenger cars, Land Rover & Jaguar

Products shown:

Case 2 - oil room, tanks and pumps

Description: Oil room, distribution of various oil types in a piped system. Custom ordered multi section tank with approved leakage protection bund-

Type of vehicles: Passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. Kia, Nissan & Nissan Commercial Vehicles.

Products shown:

Case 3 - wall mounted hose reel bank

Description: Oil bar with service fluids, tap water, compressed air and 230V. LUBE-Master fluid monitoring system for registering fluid dispenses. Wall mounted hose reels using a mounting plate with pre-assembled cage nuts for easy installation. The installation also includes oil gun holsters with built-in drip tray.

Type of vehicles: Passenger cars. Kia & Nissan.

Products shown:

Case 4 - A complete AdBlue® fluid distribution system

Description: System for AdBlue® distribution straight from a 200 l drum, using a stainless steel pipe system, to a hose reel and finally a nozzle specfically designed for filling into passenger cars. Monitored by a LUBE-Master system so that dispensing can't be started without a valid work order number, every drop is invoiced.

Type of vehicles: Passenger cars, Porsche

Products shown: